dimanche 28 mars 2010

Les cyclistes à double sens / Cycling two-way streets


Mobility. In the areas where speed limit for motorized vehicles is 30 km/h, cyclists can take the one-way streets.

In 2010, the one-way streets situated in the 67 areas "30 km/h speed-limit" of Paris will be opened on double-way for the cyclistes. The Ville de Paris will officialize this announcement today (done!, the press article id from March 25th) in the 11th district, the only district where roadworks are henceforth finished. "The cycling network will be increased of 180 kilometers", trumpet forth the Town Hall. 3It is only the application of a law dating from 31st July 2008", précise Kiki Lambert, president of Mieux se Déplacer à Bicyclette (an association for the defense of cyclists rights). A legal point the Town Hall doesn't contest. "These are pretty good news", continues Kiki Lambert, "the double-way are very useful; they allow cyclists to avoid busy, polluted and noisy main roads. And one-way streets are made for cars, not for bicycles. It is as if you are telling pedestrians one-way sidewalks exist!" Is it dangerous? Ville de Paris recalls no accident, on the existing 30 kilometers of cycling double-way streets outside the "30 km/h speed-limit" areas, was reported. And 10% of the streets will keep their one-way for security reasons (width, cars flow...). At Saint-Bernard and Chanzy (11th district) streets angle, Alain, 46 years old cyclist, confirms the security: "the cars, on the other way, see me and squeeze up a little bit. It is very fine." In his car, Louis doesn't agree: "It will be dangerous, the parisian car driver has already enough to do not to be distract by his environment."

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