mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Velib Paris Cycle Chic

"Il y a dans la bicyclette, cette bonne fée, quelque chose de magique qui "enchante" ceux qui la touchent et transforme le plus lourdaud en courant d'air. Avatar bien plus exaltant que de voir se changer les citrouilles en carrosses, ainsi que le faisaient les fées sous-développées d'avant l'invention du célérifère." Jacques Faizant.

Absolument vrai... / Definitely true...

Une autre fée! / Another fairy!

"There is in the bicycle, this fairy godmother, something magical which "casts a spell on those who touch it and changes the most oafish person into a real draught. Reincarnation far ahead more exciting than looking at pumpkins turning into horse-drawn coaches, as did underdeveloped fairies before the invention of velocipede." Jacques Faizant (he was a famous french journalist and caricaturist, and a very avid cyclotourist, died in 2002).

1 commentaire:

  1. I like the first shot in full speed. great sharpness!

    Your citybike system is really great and people obvioslly look good on these bikes!


    wiener radl chic // vienna cycle chic